yesterday's agenda:

Feb 9 22

today's agenda

  1. hello!
  2. how long is a minute?
  3. Research Journal reflection
  4. Adding a Research Journal to your Personal Website
  5. Discussion: how to make history
  6. Prepping for cyanotypes

Feb 2 22

today's agenda

  1. happy lunar new year!
  2. 5 Minutes of Me - Denisha + Carlos
  3. Reflection on DF 2020 podcast
  4. Personal Net Timelines
  5. Endy's survey (if we have time)
  6. Timesheets

Jan 28 22

today's agenda

    ( ͡◡ ͜ʖ ͡◡) happy friday!
    Your independent task today is to listen to episode 1 of the podcast made by the Digital Futures group from 2020. It's 22 minutes long. click here
    take notes in an email. This time you can just send the email to me and we'll talk about it on Wednesday. Ask these questions to prompt your notes:
    What was something they said that you thought was important or surprising?
    What did people say that you agree with? write down a quote.
    What did people say that you don't agree with? write down a quote.
    Please add any thoughts you had while you were listening.

    Also answer this question to the best of your ability please:
    This podcast was all about remote learning and it's effect on our mental health. What's a theme of digital life that YOU are personally interested in exploring? No wrong answers, follow what you're into. It doesn't have to be related to school at all. If you're not sure, don't worry, we'll talk more about it as we explore.
    Talk soon! have a great weekend snowstorm!

today's agenda

    Jan 27 22

  1. Pull up your reflections from the video on Friday: Understanding the Internet
  2. What did you observe personally? What did we observe as a group? is this "data"?
  3. Personal Maps of Our Internet Life
  4. What can we make out of our "data" today?

Jan 26 22

today's agenda

  1. zoom setup troubleshooting :^|
  2. 5 Minutes of Me - Sarah goes first
  3. What's 5 Minutes of Me? How will you do it? Who goes next?
  4. 5 minutes of Us: Purpose and Passion behind Digital Futures
  5. end for today! reflect on how this hybrid version felt for everyone
  6. :^)